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Dream Machine Entertainment is an independent film company based out in Los Angeles, Ca.  Dream Machine hosts movies of all genre, Comedy, Drama, and Science Fiction.

"The T-Cat Project" is an off beat, screwball comedy,

"Gen-X-Y2K", a drama about a young man who must face his worst fears about drug addition, 

The greatest Sci-Fi / Fantasy movie ever, "Terra Firma" is in pre-production. It pays tribute to these who believe Jules Vern was right. It will alter your perception of history.

Other stories under consideration are "Bleed'n Kansas", and "Dyin' Rich" by Milton R.F. Brown, also under consideration are the screwball, romantic comedies of Suzanne M. Ward, "A Man's Home" and "Being Jean."

Thomas Joseph Di Salvio is the owner of Dream Machine Entertainment (DME) .  He is a writer, director, and producer.  Tom has written, directed, and produced most of the original and innovative, science fiction, comedy and drama, that you will find there. 

Tom was the Naz Star Olympic Award winner in the 2000 Watts Film Festival and a Distinguished Communicator Award Winner in 2001.  His interest is in character driven works that elicit an emotional response in the viewer. 

The distributer for Dream Machine Enertainment is www.Ifilm.com

Aspiring investors and actors are encouraged to look at his work.


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