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Thomas Matthew DiSalvio is the owner of TMD Company.  He is a certified Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist at Baylor College of Medicine.  He has a BS degree in Exercise Technology with a specialty in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Corporate Fitness, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Cardiopulmonary Perfusion. 


Thomas has worked with heart patients since 1988 as an EKG Technician, Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Cardiovascular Technician, and Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist.


Thomas has been very involved in education.  He has taught classes to the commumity on lowering cholesterol, and on a professional level, he has given seminars on EKG interpretation and spoke at many seminars on the subject of Cardiopulmonary Perfusion, as well as instructed and supervised Perfusion Students from the Texas Heart Institute.  (To view my cholesterol lowering seminar click here.)

He follows his experiences in real life and death situations through, as the owner of TMD Company, where his objectives are to maintain ownership, to focus on building a real business, to stay profitable, to reap the rewards, and in the end to enjoy his time here on earth.

Thomas is currently writing a script to star his nine month old daughter Leia Louise DiSalvio.  The proceeds from this movie will go on to create a series of DVD's for the deveopment and education of children from birth through two years of age.  We'll keep you posted...

Thomas is also working on a product focused for women that is top secret. 

A few other potential products in the works are Baby shadz, Salsa Tomas, and Sling Jing. 

Thanks for looking at my page, now Get Out And LIVE!!!



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