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Healing Strategies, Inc.
Healing Strategies, Inc. is your connection for Platelet Gel disposables and service. Decrease the anxiety of Surgery by using Platelet Gel.  You have done your research, chosen a trusted surgeon, and mentally prepared yourself for the procedure.  Is something missing?  Recovery from surgery is often thought of as a natural process that is out of our control.  Infections, loss of range of motion, and scar tissue development were seen as uncontrollable complications.   Now, using your bodies own natural healing agent, the Platelet, modern medicine has developed a way to  gain some control of this elusive process.  Platelet Gel made by Healing Strategies, Inc is an integral part of your recovery.  Platelet Gel is rich in Growth Factors, Vasoconstricors, and Macrophages.  These elements give Platelet Gel its therapeutic qualities and speed you along the process to complete recovery.   Rest easy knowing you have done everything possible for your best surgical outcome.

Irma's Alterations
Irma's Alterations is simply the best in clothing tailoring.  Don't throw away those expensive, beautiful clothes that don't fit you anymore, Call Irma !!  She has 40 plus years experience, and she can make it work for you.  She does personal tailoring and dress design for wedding parties including travel to location, and, if you are very nice to her, she may even make those draperies for you.  Seriously, many customers come to her because other tailors have destroyed their fine garments, and, she can fix it.  If she tells you it can't be done you can beleive her. 

Dream Machine Entertainment
Dream Machine Entertainment is an independent film company based out in Los Angeles, Ca.  Dream Machine hosts movies of all genre, Comedy, Drama, and Science Fiction.  The distributer for Dream Machine Enertainment is www.Ifilm.com.   Aspiring investors and actors are encouraged to apply or contact

T M D Company
T M D Company is an umbrella company for brilliant inventions, ideas, and creative artistic endeavors.  Products under development such as Sling Jing, Period !Baby Shadz, Salza Tomas, and books published under the  TMD  Company name are in the works. 


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